I was at my parents’ house when I got a call from Victoria around 10 PM Wednesday night….

“Yeah Hon, what is it?”
“I need you – NOW.”

My heart begins to race. I know something is wrong…

“What happened?”
“I got in a wreck…”
“Are you alright?”

That makes me calm down a bit. I have her explain to me what happened. Apparently, while making a left turn she and a friend got hit by a pick-up going in the opposite direction, striking the passenger-side of the car. The force of the impact pushed them over the curb and into an electric pole. It must have just happened because her voice is shaky and she seemed more than a little lost. But I’m just relieved she’s ok. I finally ask her how the car is…

“Oh, Daddy,” she says anxiously, “the front is all messed up!”
“It’s ok hon… as long as you are ok…”
“But the car…”
“Don’t worry about the car, I’m just glad you’re safe. You need to call your mom and tell her what happened.”
“But she’ll be mad at me!” She says excitedly.
“No, she won’t. I’m going to leave here and get her, and we’ll be there in a bit.”

I make arrangements for my mom to go to my house and watch the kids while I go ahead to get Amy so we can get to the scene.
I get to my house and she is sleeping…

“Amy, AMY, you need to get up!”
“What? What?” She exclaims with a start… this is her normal reaction when getting woken up.
“You need to get some clothes and some shoes on.”
“Why?” You can hear the fear beginning to take hold.
“Victoria’s been in an accident…”
Her eyes begin to tear up.
I immediately try to calm her down. “Honey, she’s ok – she’s fine, we just need to get there.”

The minute my mom arrives, we are out the door. The accident was in Whiteville, NC – about 30 minutes away. It was the longest 30 minutes I have ever driven. I can’t begin to describe what was going through my head at the time. But I knew Victoria was safe, I had spoken to her.

Thus marks the beginning of one of the longest nights of my life. We get to the site of the accident and she had already been transported to the hospital to get checked out. I take a look at the car and I wonder how she made it out with only seatbelt and airbag burns. The policeman warns me not to get too close to the car. When the car hit the utility pole, it tore off a chunk of conduit and exposed some live electrical wire. He told me that they were lucky that they didn’t get electrocuted. Amy goes to the hospital to be with Victoria and I wait for the tow truck to arrive and to shoo off any vultures that have intentions of pillaging the car. After making sure the car is towed off, I finally meet Victoria and Amy at the hospital. They are finished examining her. She has a couple of minor cuts and abrasions. Her friend has a small chip in his forearm. We load up the car for the trip home.

We reach the house around 1 AM, and Victoria is beginning to feel the pain… Headaches and pain in her leg that she hadn’t noticed before. I think she had been running on pure adrenaline for most of the time. We have her sleep downstairs just so we could check on her every once in a while.

Her soreness has become more prevalent today than the previous days. She has some back pain and her left leg and chest are sore…. all acceptable to me. I’m just happy she’s here.
Amy was able to snap a few pictures of the car yesterday from the body shop. They look much less severe there than at the scene of the accident… but then again, the car isn’t up against a light pole….
You should be able to click on the picture below to see the rest of the pics that Amy took.


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5 Comments on A real Halloween Fright…

  1. Jen P says:

    Thank GOD she is ok. You know car accidents are particularly touchy to me, especially ones involving light poles and fire hazards. Please tell her I love her and, just as mom said to me when I was recovering…Someone isn’t ready for her to leave this world. I took that sentence to heart and have really paid attention in the last 10 (I guess 12 years now) years to what I’m really supposed to do with my life.

  2. Mel says:

    Hi Dave – I talked with you before seeing this… the pix tell the story well. Good thing that both Victoria and passenger made it through with only scrapes! I told her some stories from when I volunteered at a spinal cord injury unit while in college. The lives of the patients there were drastically changed in a matter of seconds. Yet, despite paralyses of various extents, those who could speak spoke of how grateful they were to still be alive. Each day is such a gift, isn’t it? It’s unfortunate that sometimes it takes the threat of losing that gift that reminds us. My favorite doc joke has to do with the definition of health–“the absolutely slowest way to die.” Though morbid, it does remind me how our days our numbered and how we have to make each one count. Victoria is still here and healthy for a reason. I’m looking forward to her discovery of what that is!

    Much love,

  3. Terry-In-Law says:


    Glad to hear that everyone is doing okay. I can only imagine that the psychological effects of the event are wearing on you. I know they would be me.

  4. dpal says:

    Thanks to all of you for your comments. Victoria is feeling better now that she has had the weekend to recuperate.

    I was telling someone that I had thought that the 3-hour trip to Greenville to get Jen when her car overturned was stressful! This was a 30 min trip to Whiteville, and I thought my head was going to explode!
    (No offense, Jen… I Luv you and you ARE my fave lil sis and all…)

    I honestly never want to experience something like that again…. I know that chances are slim with 2 boys and all….

  5. Christie Palomares says:

    Dr. Dave,

    I am very sorry for what had happened to Victoria but im so glad that she’s fine now…God is so good and wonderful!….Kindly extend my regards to your family especially Victoria..Thank you so much..

    Your friend,


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