I have finally imported the pictures of my new PC build, and I have to say that I am extremely satisfied with it. (The PC, not the pictures… well – they’re ok).

I now have the whole family using the linux partition as their workspace. I also set it up where linux would mount my Windows partition so we could have a separate repository for media(pictures and videos) that can be accessbile from either OS. That way, depending on what OS is up at the time, we could use F-Spot to import pictures in Linux, and Picasa to do it in Windows, and it would import them all to the same place. In the future, I plan to resize my Linux partition, and create a dedicated FAT32 partition just for shared media. Anyway, click the link below to look at all the parts and how I built my PC…. The one thing I forgot to do is take a picture of the whole setup once I was done, but hey… I’m not perfect.

PC Components

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