dpal on June 15th, 2007

Fridays have officially become Link Day on this blog. On Fridays,(notice I didn’t write every Friday!) I will post articles or snippets of things I’ve found interesting across the web. Hopefully, some of the links that I post may pique your interest as well. So without any further adieu, let’s get the ball rolling… Technology […]

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dpal on March 17th, 2007

A couple of cool apps have been brought to my attention on my quest to Getting Things Done: MindMeister is a new mind mapping webapp that lets you share your mind maps with others on the web. It also lets you import and export mind maps to and from Freemind – which I currently use, […]

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dpal on March 9th, 2007

Just when we thought things were beginning to get “normal” again, Victoria17.6 ended up with acute bronchitis. She has been on some medication for since Monday and is feeling better. Her cough is still hanging around, but it is with much less frequency than before. Amy had to take Will5.7 to the doctor yesterday. Turns […]

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dpal on February 7th, 2007

Since I had promised myself that I would post at least twice a week, here are some great nuggets and a couple of links for you:

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dpal on January 23rd, 2007

Ever feel unmotivated? Like you’ve fallen into a rut? Like you get up one day and don’t feel like doing much of anything? Well for the past few months, that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling. I haven’t wanted to go to work, and when I was at work, I wasn’t very productive. When I got […]

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