dpal on March 31st, 2008

OK, the site is going through somewhat of a facelift. I grabbed a bunch of plugins late last night.(Thanks Planet3rry) And also a number of different themes… So if you are browsing the site and things look a little different from one day to the next, you haven’t gone wonky(or maybe you have), it’s just […]

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dpal on October 10th, 2006

I was able to fix the comment enumeration problem by updating to the latest release of Spam Karma2. While I was at it, I went ahead and upgraded to the latest Ultimate Tag Warrior which came with a complete set of instructions on how to create a dedicated page for a Tag Cloud Archive. You […]

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dpal on October 10th, 2006

I noticed that the comment count isn’t accumulating for any articles on the front page of the blog. Did a little research and it seems that it is related to my older version of the SpamKarma2 plugin. I will need to update it whenever I get home… Unfortunately, that will be later on this evening […]

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dpal on December 20th, 2005

ugh…I changed the default theme to the Dark Maple theme since the Journalized Blue(and sand and winter) weren’t validating XHTML properly. I will have to modify the other themes at a later date… you can still choose any theme you want to use via the themes switcher in the sidebar, and the page will still […]

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